The classic method



The classic method , also known as traditional or champenoise method is a process for the production of sparkling wine which consists in inducing fermentation in the bottle of wine through the introduction of sugars and yeasts ( liqueur de triage ) .
In this way, the wine acquires the traditional pressure (visible in the form of bubbles) guaranteed by the carbon dioxide produced by the second fermentation ( froth ) that takes place in the bottle.

After a rest period of at least two years , takes place the disgorgement ( disgorgement ) which consists in freezing the wine in the neck of the bottle, that in the meantime had settled lees and yeast exhausted, and remove the temporary crown cap so that the deposit comes out propelled by the pressure . At this point the bottle is corked and the metal cage applied to prevent the cap , for the high pressure , to escape.

Finally , the bottles are washed and provided with label, back label , collar and foil capsule and left to rest in a controlled temperature cellar.

In conclusion, the classic method is a sparkling wine much more challenging and complex than a prosecco , simply obtained by autoclave with the chermat method in just a few months.
That’s why Tenuta Carlini chooses the Classic Method and promotes responsible drinking !

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